Dr. Manuel Lérida Decker

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See and understand the invisible links
In Systemic Leadership Coaching sessions we reflect together your leadership role and your concrete leadership topics. Further, we check your personal issues like, family, relationships, your work-life-balance, your social life or even your financial situation.

Then we look at your specific situation from different systemic perspectives, in order to find new ideas that enlarge your individual scope of actions.

However, you decide which alternative matches best for yourself and your environment. Together we develop possible steps to implement these alternatives in a sustainable and efficient manner into your daily life.

Sustainable and efficient
The offered Systemic Leadership Coaching also adds value, where national or international active, persons, groups, teams, commercial or contractual partners, with different views, behaviours, concerns or influences are interested in sustainable and efficient development.

Nowadays Systemic Leadership Coaching is one of the most effective methods to quickly get a variety of answers on very deep levels. This method allows you to identify the roots of your patterns and beliefs that are the keys to sustainable change.

With Systemic Leadership Coaching your questions, problems and even your subconscious issues become visible. You will be able to understand the reasons and roots of all your difficulties and solve them through becoming aware of what really is going on in your life. At the same time you will be able to check different solutions that might suit you.

  • Systemic analysis of the current situation and future potential
  • Support to overcoming private and/or organizational obstacles
  • Organisational and intercultural mediation
  • Stress, burnout, work-life-balance
  • Problems with co-workers /superiors
  • Difficulties in decision-making
  • Reflexion of your own leadership behaviour
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