Dr. Manuel Lérida Decker

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A new coaching approach
Individual Coaching sessions with systemic approach are aimed to individuals who feel that something is going wrong, either in their lives or in their business. This new and unconventional coaching method captures the full complexity of all the aspects of each individual’s life.

Eliminating useless patterns
These sessions are especially for persons who want a method to eliminate restrictive patterns of thought and mind-sets, who suffer financial problems, desperateness, blockades, insecurities, fears or who face several times the same obstacle in love, or, family, or work, etc.

During this process my task is to support you to clarify your interests, requirements and needs to find effective solutions.
How does it work?
In an individual Systemic Coaching session of about 90 minutes we will configure, with the help of objects, your actual situation, giving you the possibility to express yourself on a conscious and subconscious level. Due to the outcome we then develop an effective and sustainable solution, in addition you will increasing your own awareness. The purpose of the work is to eliminate your personal, social, family, financial, health, job or organizational  conflicts that affect your daily life, to restore harmony in your life.
Systemic Coaching: evident and immediate
The individual coaching session is used to identify problems in an evident and immediate way. Further, at the same time they show different possible solutions. It is a very effective tool for conflict resolution in any  interpersonal relationship or any difficult organizational situations.

See and understand the invisible links
Together we reflect your roles and your concrete topics. Further, we check your personal environment like, family, relationships, your work-life-balance, your social life or even your financial or professional situation.

Then we look at your specific situations from different systemic perspectives, in order to find new ideas that enlarge your individual scope of actions.

Systemic Coaching is designed for people who find themselves in challenging situations, e.g.
  • Questions regarding your own life
  • Difficulties within the family, or society
  • Suffering financial problems
  • Fears and uncertainties
  • Stress, burnout, work-life-balance
  • Fears and uncertainties
  • Blockades or insecurities
  • Or if you face several times the same obstacles

I'm your Coach…
...if you’re really willing to assume the responsibility of your own life and also wish to develop yourself personally or professionally in an efficient and sustainable way, obtaining immediate results of greater impact. Please feel free to give me a call at +34 644 40 11 50.

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