Dr. Manuel Lérida Decker

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Nature Constellations are an ideal method to reconnect with everything  our Mother Earth offers and go beyond the visible world.

This innovative type of constellations allows you to explore, feel, experience and live something bigger than that what each of us represents. It connects us with eternal consciousness, the consciousness that manages and directs all that exists and includes everything both animals as plants, minerals,  planets, people, mankind, the stars or the lands and landscapes among many others.

Main objective of this constellation work is to overcome the feeling of separation and to find solutions in tune with nature.

Through Nature Constellations we can:
...and empathize with different elements of nature such as trees, rivers,  animals, landscapes and ecosystems, etc. to understand how they feel.
...changes, solutions or effects on local or global level.
Keep on track
...of subjects over time, such as reforestation, biodynamic agriculture,  planting gardens or grounds, and more.
Vision Quest
...to highlight the unique and individual pathway of each person and to find  their own mission on this planet.

Common issues might be ...

on a global level:
  • What possible solutions are there in projects with impact on nature?  
  • Understanding linkages that affect nature (political, business, human, etc.)!  
  • Find out the impact of projects such as drilling platforms!  
  • How does the Fukushima nuclear plant catastrophe impact us?  
  • How can we live with the wolves or bears or other wild animals around us?  
  • What are the implications of renewable energy compared to traditional energy to our lives?  
  • Use the constellations as a corporate or school education!

on an individual level:
  • General learning from nature!
  • Diagnosing a specific ecosystem!
  • Why are my dogs always sick?
  • Where to place the beehive or a specific tree to plant?
  • What is my role in protecting nature, how can I contribute?
  • My garden is too shadowy, but I do not want to cut the trees, what should I do?
  • I want to build a small ecosystem on my estate, what is the most sustainable way?
  • What effect has an organic food alimentation on our body and for the  environment?
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