Dr. Manuel Lérida Decker

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Shamanic constellations are a powerful way to connect with your inner  aspects and go beyond the conventional.
This new constellation approach, that I have developed in 2016, is a powerful tool to  heal your own different inner aspects and consequently harmonize your life. This  ritualized work, which originates from different ancient cultures, connects you  with your inner consciousness. It is an inner dialogue, an intra-communication,  which rebalances you through your internal voices, in order to reach your own  essence. There is nothing outside of you; everything you need to heal is inside  yourself. During a shamanic constellation workshop your deepest inner aspects  will speak to you.

Each shamanic constellation workshop has a limitation of a total of 5  people. Due to the fact that the impact of a shamanic constellation is  equivalent to 5 conventional constellations, this work is only recommended to  experienced persons either in personal development work or systemic  constellations.

The aim of this innovative constellation method is to reconnect with your own inner aspects and thus overcoming their separation and therefore their manifestation as traumas, patterns, beliefs, etc., to get back to your true essence.

Shamanic Constellations allow you to:
  • experience and empathize with your deepest inner parts.  
  • overcome obstacles and cause sustainable changes in your life.  
  • keep on track through individual homework I’ll give you.  
  • find a personal vision to align your life and highlight the unique and  individual way of your being.

Immediate and sustainable solutions
During a shamanic constellation workshop you’ll be able to reflect  about your subjects through an in-depth work. You’ll assume full responsibility  for your life, because there is nothing outside of you. Together we clarify  your situation from different internal views, to re-equilibrate you and  gain further and new vital energies. Thus, you’ll be able to take charge of  your own life and assume the decisions to be taken to make you really feel  complete and happy. Together we develop effective steps to implement sustainable changes in your daily life.
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