Dr. Manuel Lérida Decker

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Systemic Constellations Workshops provide, with the help of representatives, an opportunity to explore the hidden dynamics of personal challenges, difficulties or even unconscious pattern and believes. It further provides an in-depth perspective of complex, enduring or apparently intractable challenges. The subject to work on might be a family, social, labour, financial, health, etc. issue.
With the outcome of any constellation, conclusions are drawn about the corresponding system in its current state, offering sustainable solutions to your subjects.

For workshops in Spain please click on “Agenda”.

If you’d like to organize and experience these amazing workshops in your area please contact me  via e-mail or phone.


This new constellation approach, that I have developed, is a powerful tool to heal your own different inner aspects and consequently harmonize your life. This ritualized work, which originates from different ancient cultures, connects you with your inner consciousness...
As a pioneer in Spain I offer Nature Constellations in order to get information on topics of nature and our environment. This innovative type of constellations allows you to explore, feel, experience…

If you do not want a public constellation contact me for an individual  session at +34 644 40 11 50 or e-mail me.
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